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Connect your metamask wallet

Before you start, download the Google Chrome web browser (opens in a new tab) and the Metamask wallet extension (opens in a new tab). You can create a Metamask wallet by following the Metamask guide (opens in a new tab).

  1. Visit the Ambit App (opens in a new tab) in your Chrome browser. The Metamask extension should pop up. If the Metamask extension does not open, click on the Metamask icon in your extension bar.

  2. Click Next on the two screens asking if you want to connect to the Ambit finance app. This step lets Metamask know that this is a trusted site.

  1. Click Confirm.
  1. Click Connect Wallet to connect your wallet.
  1. Congratulations, you are logged in to the Ambit home screen!

Follow the next sections to learn how to deposit stablecoins or borrow against your portfolio.