1. To repay your liabilities and increase your health score, click the Health and Borrowing tab in the menu bar on the left, and then click Repay.
  1. The first time you repay, you will be prompted to give the app permission to access USDT from your wallet. Click Approve Unlimited to approve any repayments. Click Skip to approve repayments each time you make them.
  1. If you clicked Approve Unlimited, you will need to enter a limit and click Next. This limit is the amount you authorize the app to have access to for repayments.
  1. Click Approve to approve the transaction.
  1. Enter the amount you want to repay. You can click the Max button to repay the maximum amount.
  1. Click the Repay button. 7. Verify the amounts and click Confirm to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  1. Congratulations, you have repaid your liabilities! Check your dashboard to see your improved health score.