Deposit USDT

Deposit USDT

You can deposit USDT with the Ambit Web App to earn a portion of protocol yield.

  1. To deposit USDT, click the DEPOSITS tab in the menu bar on the left, and then click Deposit.
  1. The Ambit app will ask you for permission to access your wallet. Click Approve Unlimited to approve an unlimited allowance.
  1. Your wallet may ask you to set a spending limit. Specify the amount you want to allow your Ambit account access to, and then click Next.
  1. Review your spending cap and click Approve.
  1. Your wallet is all set to deposit USDT. Enter the amount of USDT you want to deposit, and click Approve.
  1. Review the transaction in your wallet extension and click Confirm. Make sure the amounts are correct. Keep in mind that there will be a small computational fee to send the transaction.
  1. Congratulations! You’ve successfully deposited USDT to earn a share of the protocol’s yield. The amount you deposited will show in your dashboard.